China Horse Fair 2021
The 14th China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
September 17-19, 2021
Equuleus International Riding Club, Beijing
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[CHF 2021 Interview] Mr. Chen Che, Vice President of The Youth Committee of China Horse Industry Association, General Secretary of Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association
According to the report on the development of the Chinese Equestrian market made by the Beijing Equestrian Association over recent years, China's youth equestrian population is showing rapid growth. By the end of 2019, young riders under the age of 18 accounted for 90% of all club riders, which is about 900,000 regular participants.
CHF 2021 - China Horse Fair announces new dates and new industry support
Tarsus Hope Exhibition Co., Ltd, the organiser of China Horse Fair, has announced that the dates for the next edition will be 17-19 September 2021. Taking place in Beijing, a major equine industry hub, this will be the 14th edition of China`s longest running specialist trade event for the professional horse sports and leisure sector. In a repeat of the successful format launched in 2018, China Horse Fair 2021 (CHF 2021) will be staged at the Equuleus International Riding Club and will be held in conjunction with the annual Equuleus Open Equestrian Competition, which attracts competitors and spectators from across China.
China`s Equestrian Sector Firmly Back on Track
The number of participants at two equestrian competitions held this September, clearly demonstrate that the Chinese market is rapidly returning to pre-pandemic levels of activity. The Shanghai Youth Championship attracted a record level of competitors and the annual Equuleus Premium Open welcomed international and domestic riders when it took place in Beijing.
Welcome to the most important trade event for China's professional horse sports and leisure industries!

Since its launch in 2007 the China Horse Fair (CHF) has grown and developed alongside the country’s professional horse sports and leisure industry which it so successfully serves. As the country’s No.1 equine trade show, CHF consistently attracts the country’s top buyers and specifiers as they look to invest in the latest goods and services to meet their future needs.

CHF 2021 will be the 14th edition and will once again be China’s largest, most established and most international gathering for trade professionals and enthusiasts involved in all forms of equine sports and leisure activities.

The previous edition of CHF hosted some 150 suppliers from around the world including suppliers from Australia, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, United States, South America, Scandinavia, Singapore and China.

New to market companies came to sell their latest products and services alongside many established and successful brands who make sure they exhibit every year so as to meet new and existing customers and boost sales. In just three days companies can promote their products to the top professional buyers and specifiers across the length and breadth of China, ensuring CHF is a uniquely cost-effective direct sales and marketing platform.

With 2,552 buyers, specifiers and influencers attending the 2019 event, CHF again strengthened its position as China’s No.1 professional equine gathering.

Exhibitor Testimonials
   Kiji Consulting participated in 2019 to share expertise through conferences and demonstrations. Attracting a wide range of participants, this was and is one of the most important gatherings for the equine field in China. We at Kiji Consulting and all the French professionals working in Chinese clubs are very satisfied with this event.
Kiji Consulting
   There was positive feedback from our companies and I am now working on communicating that Enterprise Ireland plans to host an Irish Pavilion again in 2020. Confirming the opportunities for Irish equine companies by participating, we hope to get a bigger Irish Pavilion at China Horse Fair 2020.
Simon Yu Hao from Enterprise
   A lot of riding clubs from Beijing as well as the ones from other cities attended with many visiting our stand and some of them placing orders for our products during CHF 2019. We look forward to meeting more stud farms and riding clubs at the CHF in the future.
Tian Jin HaoNiu Bio-Tch Co., Ltd
   The CHF 2019 organised a lot of activities attracting many professionals to come, which resulted in a great success for us. The competition, activities targeting young riders and the veterinarians display sessions were all well organised.
Baslong Saddlery
   CHF is a great event. We built connections with many decision makers in the horse industry through face-to-face conversations with them at the CHF 2018. We like the “Exhibition + Forum + Outdoor Practical Class” organised at this year’s show.
Shijiazhuang Ma Yuexin Trading Co., Ltd.
   CHF is the best trade platform for the horse industry in China. By attending CHF 2018, we met distributers and equestrian clubs all over China, including Beijing and Northeast China which are the country’s hot spot equestrian centers. We displayed many products, including horse nourishment and stable bricks at the CHF 2018. We believe that Chinese horse industry has a bright future.
Shandong Qingfeng Animal Husbandry Technology Co., ltd
   We have exhibited at the CHF since the first session. In the passed 12 years, we have seen the continuous development of the Chinese equestrian industry. The forum and activities under the theme of young riders are the main focus of CHF 2018, which we feel are interesting and the right features to be included. We believe that the young rider market in China will keep developing in the future.
Tanke Equine Sports Co.,Ltd.
   All of our harnesses are hand-made and many visitors may have never seen such a traditional hand-made harness- Horqin traditional harnesses. We hope that more people will know and understand the Chinese traditional skills through CHF.
Inner Mongolia Huading Horse Industry Co., Ltd.
   This is my sixth time to attend CHF in China. In the past six years, I have made many Chinese friends and partners at the exhibition. I believe that the horse industry will keep developing in China in the future.
Jadem Arabians
   CHF is the main annual event in China’s horse industry calendar. We participate and benefit from it every year.
Beijing VSVN International Equestrian Equipments Manufacturing Co. LTD
Visitors Testimonials
   The CHF has always been an important gathering of equestrian professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. This year's horse show saw a major change and like prestigious professional horse exhibitions staged globally, for the first time it had the competition and exhibition taking place side by side. With support from the Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association and Equuleus Riding Club, it created a successful International Equestrian Culture Week in Beijing, attracting a lot of industry colleagues and enthusiasts.
Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association
Mr. Chen Che 
   CHF is an important event in China and even in the world! We have participated in the horse show for many years and thank the organizers for their efforts to provide such a good learning, information gathering and trading platform. The CHF 2019 was a great success for us. Through the CHF our vision has widened and we found more partners whilst effectively reducing our purchasing costs. We believe the CHF will get better and better!
Chunming from Qing Ao Equestrian
Mr. Zhao 
   I have been accompanying veterinarians from the Japan Racing Association to teach in China in recent years and the CHF provides an excellent platform for us. We have witnessed the development of China’s domestic horse industry and the CHF getting better and better. We expect that CHF will continue to provide a platform for communication and improvement for people from home and abroad. We look forward to meeting more colleagues and friends during the exhibition next year!
Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Book
   CHF has been successfully organised for 12 years. It witnesses and promotes the development of the Chinese horse industry. CHF 2018 has successfully grasped the hot spot of the industry at this time – the young rider market. We hope CHF can keep pace with the times and become better and better in the future!
Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association
Mr. Chen Che 
   As always, CHF is a festival of learning and communication for the entire equestrian industry. This is the second time for us to visit it. We wish CHF will be more success in the future!
China Institute of Horse Culture & Sports & Tourism
Ms. Dong Xue 
   CHF 2018 displayed new innovations. We noticed that foreign exhibitors brought a lot of new products and technologies, which provided the local equestrian clubs with a good opportunity to see and learn. Additionally, through one-to-one teaching by Ireland coaches, our young riders become more confident after having these classes.
Emperor Equestrian Club
Mr. Zhao 
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