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¡¾Europe.chinadaily.com.cn¡¿Lessons from a horse power
Britain"s equestrian expertise is being soaked up by Chinese middle class consumers Equestrian sports, which have been popular throughout British history, are gaining increasing acceptance in China, as the country"s rising middle class learn the charm of this aristocratic and elegant sport. ¡­¡¾More>>¡¿
China Horse Fair 2014 sets new records for attracting professional trade visitors and exhibitors
2014 was set to be an auspicious year for the China Horse Fair (CHF) with the 8th edition of this successful series taking place during the ¡®Year of the Horse¡¯.¡­¡¾More>>¡¿
China Horse Fair 2014 Horse Display Timetable
China Horse Fair 2014 Horse Display Timetable 22-24 October 2014 New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing¡­¡¾More>>¡¿
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Welcome to the most important trade event for China¡¯s professional horse sports and leisure industries!
Since its launch in 2007, the CHF has consistently grown and developed alongside the industry it represents and it is now firmly established as China¡¯s most important and respected gathering for trade professionals involved in all forms of equine sports and leisure activities.
Taking place from 22-24 October at Beijing's New China International Exhibition Center, CHF 2014 hosted 140 exhibitors representing some of the world¡¯s top horse breeders and trainers, leading facility equipment manufacturers, nutrition and health care suppliers, horse transportation and ancillary service providers. Attracted by China's strong market growth and its future commitment to developing a world class equine industry, exhibitors from as far afield as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, UK, USA and of course China, displayed their latest products and services. ¡­¡¾More>>¡¿
CHF 2014 Video
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CHF 2014 Photography
CHF 2014 Exhibitor Testimonials
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