The 13th China Horse Fair
China International Professional Horse Sports & Leisure Industries Exhibition
19-21 September, 2019
Equuleus International Riding Club,Beijing
Exhibitor List
CHF 2018 Exhibitor List
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Exhibitor Name£ºDEMELODY
Booth No.£ºE25

Demelody, established in 2011, is Registered trademark of People's Republic of China. The headquarter, located in Tianjin, China is a handmade leather carving studio which is the combination of design, production and sale. Works of Demelody are all original and stylized, with both the fusion of traditional Chinese style and the creation of passionate modern. Saddle and accessories of Demelody focus on traditional western retro style, in accordance with complete handmade complicated carving flowers, unique stereo character, which develop a school of its own in China's saddle industry. Bring people wildness, glory and beautiful.

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